Creating a Seasonal Bucket List

The words “bucket list” usually makes people think of big, one-time things to do before you die such as visiting the Grand Canyon, hiking a mountain or running a marathon.

These types of activities might not happen as often, but I’m sure they’re exciting. That’s one approach to accomplishing bucket list ideas.

If you want to incorporate unique bucket list ideas into everyday life, consider letting each season dictate your plans and short term goals.


Why Bucket List for Each Season

It’s an easy way that busy, budget-conscious families can have enjoyable experiences and take advantage of what each season has to offer before it kicks the bucket. And if you’re anything like me, sometimes I have to feel the pressure of a deadline closing in on me to take action.

Even if it’s a self-imposed, informal one. No one does that better than mother nature.

If summer or summer-like weather is coming to a screeching halt, jot down five more things you think you can realistically pull off. Maybe you go swimming in a pool, ocean or lake, visit an area amusement park or try a new ice cream shop.

It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive. In fact, no matter what season it is, consider following the F. I. L. L. Method from The Everyday Bucket List Book to make some of your dream list ideas happen sooner than later. F. I. L. L. stands for free, interesting, low-cost and local.

You can fill your everyday bucket list with these types of ideas to sprinkle in easy and unique bucket list ideas throughout the year.


How to Include Everyday Dream List Ideas into Your Schedule

When kids head back to school, the bulk of your budget usually goes toward clothes, school supplies, and sporting equipment. This might leave little room for entertainment.

Enjoyment shouldn’t have to stop just because you’re low on funds. Search out free events you can try until your budget gets back to normal.

Maybe you’ve been hoping to attend a local festival or a free area concert. Now’s the time to do it. I recently tried free yoga classes on the beach. I thought they were only available in August. Come to find out they extend through September. Yay!

Look into companies that might sponsor events. Lulu Lemon offers all types of fitness events throughout the year. Search on Facebook or do a Google search for what’s available in your area. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Also, don’t underestimate the resources at your local library. I recently discovered that there are free outdoor Tai Chi classes a few towns over.

I also noticed that I can get free passes to the Guggenheim Museum in New York City. I live in the northeast so that’s not a trek for me, but it can’t hurt to check what’s offered in your area. Maybe there are museums, parks or other attractions you never got around to visiting.

There were other ideas I came across using library resources that covered the rest of the bases of being interesting, low-cost and local. There were history-related ideas as well as other attractions like aquariums and science centers.

Even if I can’t make it to all of the places, I store the information so I can possibly go another time and I don’t have to research all over again. I was surprised at how many interesting things there are to do right in my area!!

I also try to come up with seasonal ideas I can do at home. This way, I’m not tied to a set time and date especially when my kids’ activities startup.

For instance, I like to make homemade lemonade or iced tea in the summer. In the fall, why not attempt an apple pie from scratch or make something simpler like apple sauce? This can even spark some new lunch ideas for your kids.

You can even get fancy with how you carve pumpkins this year, look for free pumpkin carving stencils so you have them handy when the time comes.

Sometimes you can let ideas from two seasons collide too.  If the weather is still warm, why not get ice cream in a fall flavor?  Look for maple swirl or caramel apple flavors or even pumpkin. To make it more economical, you can always bring a carton of ice cream home and make sundaes with the family.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Each moment of the year has its own beauty.”

No matter what time of year it is, tap into the beauty of each season and take advantage of what it has to offer. If you need a little push, consider taking my free 5 Day Bucket List Challenge here.

As a busy working parent, Karen Cordaway spent years struggling to find free time and extra money for herself. That is until she figured out how to reclaim her schedule and infuse more affordable bucket list experiences into everyday life.

The author of The Everyday Bucket List Book: 10 Steps to Bringing More Exciting Experiences to Everyday Life,  she turned her bucket list dreams into reality! With a little planning, a bit of strategy, and a dash of creativity, she shares her signature, step-by-step process to help others, just like you, do the same.

Karen has written about shopping tips, cost-cutting, smart spending and other money-related topics for Clark Howard, Huffington Post and nationally syndicated articles for U.S. News. She now combines her money know-how with bucket list topics.

Her insights have been shared all over the internet in Money Magazine, Yahoo Finance, Market Watch, The Consumerist, Rockstar Finance, and even O Magazine. She now inspires everyday people to fulfill their bucket list dreams.

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