Our Halloween Party on a Budget!! #DollarGeneralFinds

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Halloween is quickly approaching! I will admit that I am often a last-minute planner when it comes to figuring out costumes for my kids. Well, there was one year where they were a Slurpee and a Zombie in a Box, but that’s pretty much been the extent of my creativity.

Most years, I find myself running to the store or placing an order on October 22nd, hoping that I can find what they want.  I’ve been pretty lucky but knew that sooner or later my luck would run out.

This year, I am planning ahead with Dollar General! My kids all said they don’t need any fancy costumes and just want something super easy.  But, what they have asked me to do is let them throw a party for their friends.  I caved and said yes.

I remember the days growing up where we had a Halloween party in school.  We would all put on our costumes and parade from class to class so we could all enjoy them.  Kids don’t get to do that anymore.

As soon as I said yes, I had a moment of regret. I started thinking about how much food kids eat! I know what mine go through so I could only imagine how much I’ll need for teenage boys.

We all sat down and started to make a list.  It began with the staples, party plates, napkins, cups, and a table cloth.  Then they started telling me about the food they wanted.

They knew they’d need all sorts of chips (wavy, corn chips, sour cream, and onion).  They also added sweets to the list — namely chocolate in the form of peanut butter cups.

When I started looking at everything, I thought that it was going to cost me a small fortune.  Not only did we need food, but I wanted to ensure that the setting was fun for the kids too.

I started putting my money-saving ideas to work when it hit me.  “Go to Dollar General!!”

I loaded up the kids and headed to our local Dollar General.  We had the BEST time finding all sorts of things to make their party a hit!


First, we grabbed the food.  We were able to score bags of chips for only $1 each!  (I pay 3x that at my grocery store).  Then, we found some fun sweets, including Bat brownies, Smarties, and Pirate rings. I even caved and got them two different types of peanut butter cups (loved the $2 Dollar General brand).  I love Dollar General as they have big-name brands and their affordable store ones too!

To top off the food, we needed a drink.  Buying individual servings was more expensive, so we opted for the $2 jug of Hawaiian Punch (in orange to compliment the mood).

I started tallying what I was spending and was nowhere near my budget, so I told the kids to have some fun!  They found a cauldron and spider web baskets, Halloween theme partywear, vampire teeth, and spider rings to make the party more fun!

My youngest even had the idea to get some Halloween foam stickers and add them to the table for some color (what a smart kid).  Dollar General has everything you need for a great Halloween party (and exploring the store is SO much fun)!

Then I decided to get the one thing that was too fun NOT to buy!  It was a candy bowl with a witch.  When you press the button, she laughs and cackles and bends forward to act like she is stopping you from taking the candy. She is pretty awesome!

When I added up what I spent on the party, the total was less than $50!!  I was SHOCKED!  Less than $50 to plan a party for around 20 – 25 kids of all sorts of ages!!!  It’s one more reason why you need to go to Dollar General for your Halloween party and costume needs

My kids think I am pretty awesome and this party was the icing on the cake!  Happy Halloween!!!

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